Kiosk mode in SPIN Play




  • Luca Palezza

    I tried this Kiosk mode, but the Oculus goes in standby every time I remove the headset and I need to use the remote control to enter the device, which, I think, should not be the idea behind kiosk mode. Is there any other setup that I need to do to avoid this? PS: I have also changed the standby settings, but now the maximum time is only 4 hours. In past releases it was "never"

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  • Tywen Kelly

    Hey Luca

    Changing the standby settings on the Oculus device is a great idea. In my experience even with standby mode the headset has a tendency to fall asleep. So, another little hack we suggest is to cover the proximity sensor with a piece of tape, further fooling the device to stay awake. 

    SPIN Play, as a third party app, cannot change the deep system settings of the Oculus OS and as such cannot bypass the need to "unlock" the device with the remote every time the headset wakes up. The settings provided here are as close to Kiosk mode that our app is capable of -- meaning that when the app is running it enters an autoplay state and resets playback when it is set down for a few seconds. 



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