• Tywen Kelly

    Hi John,

    We do support branching. You can add hyperports which hyperlink to any number of scenes. You can have multiple hyperports in one scene. Say you had a geotour of a national park, and you position the first scene at an intersection of multiple trails, you can place a hyperport at the vanishing point of each trail, each leading to a different scene down the path.

    @8:24 in this video I go over some of the functionality of the Creator.

    The fade-to-black transition between scenes is, at the moment, not variable. Can you further describe the scenario you imagine so I may log the feature request?


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  • John Scott


    Thanks for the response!

    I didn't really have a specific scenario in mind for the transitions but I suppose something like a wipe or dissolve between scenes. IMO, the fade outs might remove the subject from the immersive experience (and I may be wrong). I was hoping that if (for instance) you were outside Miir Coffee and click on the door you'd wipe/dissolve inside the building rather than fade out/fade in.

    Your research/experience may have found that the fades work better for folks (and also give you some quick loading time options) but I wouldn't mind the ability to use other transitions as well. I hope that makes sense. LMK if not and I'll try to find a better example.


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